Oystext shouts OLÉ

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 17.57.22Oystext’s team on stand at the Startup Olé 2018

Oystext travelled to Salamanca in the middle of April to publicize its brand and explain the main role of its company in the IV edition of Startup Olé, an event of international reference in the world of entrepreneurship.

Just a week ago, Oystext returned from the most emblematic university city in Spain after representing its London-based instant translation company at one of the most anticipated technological events in the European spring, with a relevant media coverage and also marked by the visit of the Spanish royalty, King Felipe IV.

The success of this fourth edition is not only in the figures but also in the international repercussion due to the number of foreign companies that chose Spain to promote their product. It was remarkable how  English was the main language throughout the entrepreneurship fair since up to 70 different nationalities had Startup Olé 2018 as their main appointment.

In the global nature of this event,  Oystext had the opportunity to present its product, beyond its borders, to a multilingual audience that not only showed interest in learning more about the startup, but it also successfully supported the communication tool that wants to offer and that was praised as a great idea that encourages the user to develop socially.

The platform is already available for iOs and Android completely free for the user. Alexander Langle (CEO of Oystext) did not stop emphasizing that he wants to promote the interaction of the users and their use, to achieve through the possibility of editing and classification, to provide the system of a more accurate and better intelligent translation than that of the other existing platforms.

The simplicity and concreteness of the communication of individuals between different languages is still the main objective of a company whose future projection will be key in global communications, both personal and business. From this experience Oystext takes the generalized welcome, the great network provided thanks to Startup Olé and the strengthened desire to continue working hard on a high impact product that only needs to be known internationally. Thanks to Spain, Salamanca and Olé.

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