The power of communication

Communication is the capacity of an individual to transmit information, ideas, opinions or attitudes. Communication is a daily routine and necessary to survive. For example, go to a coffee shop and acquire the desired product, have a work meeting or express yourself in any community; for all that, we are communicating. It is the only way to be connected to what surrounds us. But, what happens when the communication comes from a language different from the one we dominate? Communication stops flowing, stagnates, does not evolve.

The lack of communication is a widespread social problem. There are around 7000 different spoken languages in the world and is impossible to be able to have the control of all of those. Despite this, English the most popular language and works as a link between different cultures. However, do you think every citizen of the world has the knowledge to speak English? Not really, it’s just a tiny segment of the population who speaks fluent English.

Nevertheless, with the increase of technology, many ideas have emerged to settle the problem of non-communication. Even so, thinks of the citizen who comes to a country without speaking other language and has to communicate with his work team. Thinks on the traveller who loves to discover the most remote and unknown places where, not always, communication is an easy tool. Thinks about the unique and rural products that are not easily accessible due to the lack of resources and knowledge and the impossibility of implementing them in the international market.

Oystext has been inspired by this segment of the population, whose inability to communicate in the language of its environment prevents it from developing and achieving its objectives. In addition, it leads him to be a frustrated and misunderstood citizen. Consequently, this new technology, adapted to the language of the consumer, creates a positive and realistic social impact, connecting society internationally (regardless of the spoken language). That is why Oystext is permanently based on the individual search for favourable and egalitarian environments. With the creation of a universal communication network, this application facilitates the development capacity in a simple, fast and free way and where the user is the most important.

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