The art of listening.

When we listen in English or in another language, many of us at first do not understand anything. With the effort and practice, we gradually get used to it and we learn about the general idea of what this wants to transmit to us. Over time, we also discover specific words and nuances. What is it saying?
We are beginning to focus on the small details of the language, to demystify Spanish as an impossible language to learn for an average English speaker.
Immediately we discover, for example, that guilt is not always ours. To begin, we understand that nobody can say: “I learned Spanish definitely on January 30th at 5:00 p.m.” Sometimes, it would seem that this was the goal of some people, But it’s is not possible.
We will always be learning. Different question is that if we are independent speakers and can hold a conversation?
To learn Spanish, you will have to dedicate many hours to listening, for which the best option is always to go to a Spanish speaking country, or at least, to listen and interact with people speaking in that language for several hours a day.
You can start practising listening to your conversations in the desired language with #Oystext. But you have to know that in real life there are no subtitles. So, the sooner we get used to it, the better for us.
It is in this way that in #Oystext we realized that listening is a feature that must be visible in conversations, it is in this way that the possibility to “Listen” is available in both versions, all your chats in any desired language of to learn.
“Oystext, a world without frontiers”

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