Oystext, the startup that connects you to the world

Oystext has been consolidating in the startup market in London for two years. After an abysmal expansion of its functions, with most of the innovations carried out in recent months, this platform aims to be the solution to the problem of linguistic isolation in a cosmopolitan world, which at the same time, is not as well communicated as we believe it can be.

The British capital was the inspiration for this mobile application that was born with a purely social function, connecting people when the communication barrier prevents them from being related. His CEO, Alexander Langle, witnessed the difficulty of understanding between people of different languages on a daily basis and wanted to put an end to such isolation.

The application is a communication platform in which you can write to anyone in your language and be received with the language of the receiver instantly. Furthermore, many of its functions have been extended. So much so that it is already possible to have group conversations working with the instantaneous translation of different languages.

Additionally, the same user can evaluate the translations according to their precision and modify them, interacting directly with the same system and helping this new technology to obtain feedback from the user to create a more solid and adequate message. All the technological advances that the company plans to carry out, will make the world of communications a place where understanding will be the key element.

” Oystext a world without frontiers”

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